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And, yes, sad for Aaron Hernandez. It is possible to abhor and condemn the things he did and feel some sympathy for him – after Hernandez’s father, Dennis, died unexpectedly of surgical complications when Hernandez was 16, he lost his way and never regained it. He acknowledged that he had everything and still couldn’t stop himself from throwing it all away and ruining innumerable lives in the process. What if he’d gotten grief counseling or hadn’t fallen in with an awful crowd after Dennis died?

It’s fifth-year-option exercising season, and with the May 3 deadline nearing, teams are already extending their 2014 first-round picks for at least one more year.

The fourth-year quarterback entered the Texans’ offseason program best place to get cheap nfl jerseys as the starter, but he will have to compete with first-round pick Deshaun Watson for that job to begin the season. Savage is in the final year of his rookie McGrath Sean replica jersey contract, and while drafting Watson might signify that his future in Houston likely doesn’t extend past this season, he could earn himself a big contract elsewhere in 2018. — Sarah Barshop

His response: I think we have to feel that way because cheap nfl football jerseys usa that potentially could happen. … But I know we??re doing anything and everything we can to improve that position.

A little over a week after suffering a torn ACL, Ravens cornerback Tavon Young is already moving forward mentally.

The Jacksonville Jaguars kids throwback nfl jerseys begin Phase 1 of their offseason workouts Monday. The key storyline this offseason will be the growth of quarterback Blake Bortles.

That’s kind of the fun part is that I actually enjoy picking out the fabrics and designing the suit, Jenkins said. I obviously have a full-time job somewhere else, but when I can, I will be here. We’ve done that already — taken people’s measurements and orders — and I’ve been Kansas City Chiefs jersey wholesale very much a part of that process.

Pitta stretched to make a catch, just like he’s done a million times. He fell to the turf cheap nfl jerseys and tried to get up, but couldn’t put weight on his leg.

I felt it all year long. Halfway nfl jersey china wholesale cheap nfl jersey china accepting paypal on etsy through the year I’m ballin’, the other half I’m not getting the ball, Cruz said. And you’re just like, ‘what’s going on?’ It was like, ‘ok, I see what’s happening. They don’t want me here anymore.’

The Jaguars?? QB said Tuesday that this is by far the most important month of my career, although he then added, Then, the following month nfljerseyscheap.cc will be just as important and so on and so forth until we start rolling.

Even with all the wins and an offense that became more explosive last season, coach Andy Reid’s offense still seems restricted.

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Of Smith’s 3,502 passing yards last season, 53.6 percent came after the catch.

He’s a self-made man — that’s always been his edge, said Jones, now Tennessee’s head coach. One of the most competitive people I’ve ever coached.